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Welcome to Cigar Talk’s homage, we are honored that you have stopped by for a visit. He on our homepage you will find links to each Cigar Talk’s weekly podcast episodes, links to our guest’s pages, registration page for your chance to be our weekly winner of the Platinum from Luxury Cigar Club, our contact page, and information about our hosts Rob and Bryant. Each week Cigar Talk has guests on the show from the cigar industry and Rob and Bryant discuss what cigars they are currently smoking and provide weekly banter just like the kind you find at your local cigar lounge. Once a month they also provide their favorite music to listen to while smoking a good stick. They take you on a journey to cigar shops and cigar manufacturers to give you that firsthand experience. You can also find the links to the Cigar Talk’s social media accounts where you can follow them daily as they post pictures of the cigars they smoke daily and even find some special cigar humor. Rob and Bryant will share their pairing with coffee and bourbons. Overall, they just hope to bring value to your cigar experience as BOTL. So light up a cigar, kick back and enjoy the show.