Season one

Ep 01 - Right side of the tracks? Train Car Cigar Bar

Ep 02 - Whole lot of BS and Cigars

Ep 03 - Hardcore Aficionados at the Paladin

Ep 04 - Cigar Smokin Preacher Man at the Leaf!

Ep 05 - Bohemian Rhapsody Cigar Queen

Ep 06 - What’s up with that Ass at Good Karma

Ep 07 - Catch Me if You can!

Ep 08 - Gyasi did what?

Ep 09 - The Ambassador in all of us!


Ep 11 - Keeping it in the Family

Ep 12 - Viva La Vida!!!

Ep 13 - Cigar Date???

Ep 14 - Only in Nebraska

Ep 15 - Good Fellas of Cigars

Ep 16 - Train Car Cigar Bar II

Ep 17 - Vegas Style Baby!

Ep 18 - The Brotherhood

Ep 19 - Welcome to the Jungle

Ep 20 - Smokin with the Warfighters

Ep 21 - THE Aganorsa Leaf

Ep 22 - Young Blood

Ep 23 - Luxury Cigars & Best Cigar Music

Ep 24 - Beans Don’t Burn on the Grill

Ep 25 - RoMa I

Ep 26 - RoMa II

Ep27 - Everyday I’m Hustlin

EP28 - Fight For Your Right

EP29 - Burning Down the House

EP30 - Dissident a New Beginning

EP31 - Cigar Obsessions & Music Seletions

EP32 - Cigar Talk’s 2019 Top 10 Cigars

EP33 - Creating A Great Cigar Shop

EP34 - Super Nova

EP35 - Cigars & Music Selections

EP36 - Full Interview w/ Coach Briglin

EP37 - The Renegade Lounge

EP38 - Maduro Talk & Cigars for Warriors

EP39 - RIP 530 Fred

EP40 - Scotch, Bourbon, & Cigar Tips

EP41 - Cigar Cutters and The NY Ambassador

EP42 - Special Guest KC Sunshine and Red Lips & Cigar Sticks

EP43 - Managing a Cigar Shop & Some Football

EP44 - The Ultimate Cigar Book & The Cigar Talk Quiz

EP45 - Our Favorite Maduros, Best Sipping Tequilas for Pairing, & Private Cigar Events

EP46 - Cigars & Spirits Fest at Panther Island

Cigar Talk brings the cigar community to you every week no matter where you are. So grab yourself a cigar and check out our weekly interviews, find out Rob and Bryant’s favorite cigars, favorite music to listen to while enjoying a good stick, and see if your’e our weekly winner on the Luxury Cigar Club box.

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